Dependencies# depends on matplotlib, numpy, and optionally scipy. You can install these using your favorite Python package manager and I would recommend conda if you don’t already have an opinion.

Using pip#

The easiest way to install the most recent stable version of corner is with pip:

python -m pip install corner

From source#

Alternatively, you can get the source by downloading a tarball or cloning the git repository:

git clone

Once you’ve downloaded the source, you can navigate into the root source directory and run:

python -m pip install .


If you installed from source, you can run the unit tests, but know that plotting-based tests can be pretty brittle. From the root of the source directory, run:

python -m pip install nox
python -m nox -s tests-PYTHON_VERSION

Where PYTHON_VERSION is the version of Python you’re using (e.g. 3.10) This might take a few minutes but you shouldn’t get any errors if all went as planned.